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What a month it has been.

Simon’s surgery was good, he’s healing well from that.  We do have a couple hydra seals now, but hope those will subside on their own instead of requiring another surgery.  Simon turned 5 months old on the 28th, adjusted age is roughly 6 weeks.  He’s smiling all the time for us and we get the occasional half-chuckle.  We’ve had more issues with the reflux and started Simon on meds too.  It seems to be helping.

Both the boys have been sick.  They had a stomach bug that wasn’t much fun, but has passed through their systems now and they are back on the mend.

Without further ado, pictures!

Surgery 12/6


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Simon is somewhat back to his normal self.  He’s eating, at least.  On Wednesday morning, he did weigh in at just over 8 pounds.  He’s definitely gaining weight.

This morning Jaden asked to feed and hold Simon.  Under the careful watch of Mom and Dad, Jaden’s request was granted. Though I didn’t get any pictures of Jaden feeding Simon, I did get a few of Simon in Jaden’s lap.




Simon was sleeping on a pillow under the tree and Jaden decided to join him.




We will be headed to Denver tomorrow for Simon’s surgery Saturday.  We are a bit nervous at the prospect of driving in the wonderful Rocky Mountain winter weather, but know that the surgery is a necessity.  We definitely don’t want to see Simon in that level of pain again.

We will keep you all updated.

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Simon had big issues last night.  About 11 he began crying inconsolably.  After careful evaluation, it was apparent that his hernia was causing the problem.  We went to the emergency room in Cheyenne and Simon and I were transported to Denver Children’s Hospital about 2:30 in the morning.  The doctors were able to resolve the hernia issue temporarily, but have scheduled surgery to make repairs Saturday at 9.

We are home until Friday.  We will go back that afternoon so that we can check-in for surgery at seven.  I’ll update everyone on how he’s doing when the chance arises.

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It’s been a few days since I last had the opportunity to post… a week almost!  Simon is doing well.  He saw the pediatric ophthalmologist on Wednesday.  Dr Arnold said that Simon’s eyes look great and he’ll see him again in January.

We had a busy week with all the appointments and getting everything set up at home last week.  Thanksgiving was wonderful and quiet with us and Rob’s parents.  I couldn’t have asked for a more quiet day.  We rounded the weekend off with staying reclusive at home, cleaning, cooking and playing.

Today Simon will start his early intervention therapy through Stride.  We will probably be meeting once a week, possibly more.  Rob will be active with the therapy session today to learn more about the activities Simon needs on a daily basis.

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