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Simon is growing so quickly these days! He has changed from a newborn into an infant. Simon is cooing, smiling, attempting to roll over and more. There is something new most every day that he does that catches me by surprise and leaves me yearning for more baby time.

Jaden loves being a big brother most days. He loves holding, snuggling and playing with Simon. A few mornings ago it was priceless… Simon was in his swing and Jaden brought out Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story and was showing Simon all the ins and outs. Simon smiled from ear to ear as Jaden played.

Simon, medically, is doing quite well. He’s still on oxygen and will be for some time yet. He’s eating like a champ and has fared well with adding Zantac to his daily routine for reflux. He weighs just over eleven pounds and is roughly 22″ long. Simon is a chunk (never thought I’d believe it!) and a happy one at that!



I would like to say that I’ll be around all the time again, but it seems that life with two kiddo’s has me running every which way. I’ll check back in again soon – with new pictures!


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