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Hard to believe he’s 7 months old tomorrow, isn’t it? What a long and amazing battle fought by such a little guy. It’s certainly paid off though. Simon is still just barely under the charts. He weighs 14 pounds 13.5 ounces and is 24 inches long now. He has been moved to a soy-based formula and is no longer on Simply thick as allergies have developed. The changes have made all the difference in Simon’s reflux. He’s a new baby!!

We have had our first virus and ear infection this month. Simon was down to 1/16 of a liter of oxygen and is back up, fluctuating between 1/8 and 1/4 now. Even though we’ve had the setback, his pediatrician is adamant that Simon will be off oxygen before his first birthday.

Developmentally Simon is right on target. Can I say that and not jinx myself? He is sitting assisted for lengthy times and unassisted for short periods. He’s discovered the joy in his toes and loves any toy he can taste. Simon is able to pull himself to a half sitting position by himself and is rolling from front to back and almost has the front to back mastered too. Time on his belly generally involves scooting across the floor to find something new and interesting to examine intently. Simon’s speech is coming along nicely as well. We are getting all the major sounds and some of the more challenging sounds including L’s and W’s. Let’s not forget the constant raspberries Simon blows. Simon also recognizes the people at home. We can ask, “Where’s brother, dad or mom?” and he will look around for each person until he finds them. He also loves looking at pictures of babies and coo’s intently at them.

He’s done so well. We are amazed each and every day as there is always something new discovered, sounds made and actions taken. It was such a hard start and we worried constantly that Simon wouldn’t make it. With the amazing medical attention, care, prayers and encouragement, he’s really grown by leaps and bounds!

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