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As part of our therapy, we have always followed Simon’s cues.  We watch for signs of tiredness, weakness, unhappiness, joy, etc.  Tonight was no different in our time together.

I’ve been putting Simon in his high chair when we eat at the table.  I’ve offered plenty of toys for him to play with and have done everything possible to make that chair a pleasurable experience.  When he’s tired of it, we get him out and hold him in our laps or return him to the floor for more scooting and rolling.

As Simon intently watched the rest of us eat, I opted to get out one of his baby spoons.  It was quite comical watching him interact with that green piece of plastic.  He picked it up and first beat it on the tray.  Before long, Simon began hitting his chin with the spoon.  With a few more minutes of play, (and dropping it down the side of the chair) Simon managed to get the spoon into his mouth.  Carefully I watched Simon’s reaction.  He didn’t gag, he didn’t look shocked and he even began to use his tongue to play with it.

I took the cues he gave and grabbed some squash.  I took a red spoon and touched it to his lips without food first to gauge his reaction.  He was pleased and opened his mouth.  I then just tapped the spoon into the food and let him get a small taste.  Simon wasn’t sure at first, but quickly began moving the food around in his mouth and his eyes perked.  Simon opened his mouth, so I jumped to give him another small taste.  In it went and in it stayed!

Slowly I began increasing the amount of food going into his mouth.  At the end of 30 minutes, Simon had taken 1/4 of the jar!

It’s in following the cues of Simon we know what he needs as an individual.  Success in solid foods was found tonight by watching closely and listening for the silent cues. Now, let’s all join in and shout “Hooray!” and encourage this route to continue!!


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