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I can’t believe that it has been so long since I last posted. I actually had made it a goal to post twice a month, but the last month has been a bit crazy. Rob and I found a house in Pine Bluffs and an offer was made. We are now busily working on packing up all the belongings we have to move them over.

Simon is 15 months old now, actual and two weeks shy of 1 year, adjusted.  It has been a long but incredible journey with him.  Last winter we were hunkered in with no germs to come and go.  Keeping Simon well was a simple task and much more challenging now.

Simon is babbling and talking up a storm, when he feels the need.  He’s also beginning to sign a few words.  He is cruising along furniture and walls.  In short, he is doing everything that he should at 1.  Go baby boy!

We are battling a bug of sorts currently.  He has been up and down through this, but we are pushing forward.  I can’t wait to move and take him 1000 feet lower in elevation.  Hopefully the change will help his lungs tremendously.  I know the lack of wind is enough to leave me elated!

So as we begin our journey to a new home and a new life, I bid you farewell for now.

Until next time!


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