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Charging across the field, Simon weighs in at 2 pounds, 3 ounces, gaining 1 pound since dropping to his lowest weight!  Consuming 6mL of breast milk every hour, the added calories are apparent in the aid of storing fats on Simon’s mighty micro-sized body.  Oxygen in the 40’s assists Simon while the ventilator pushes 18 breaths a minute.  Those 18 breaths balance to be about 1/2 of Simon’s breathing!  We have a star quarterback on our hands!

Simon is fairing well these days.  It seems the threat of steroids got back to Simon and suddenly he decided it was best that he do all that he can on his own; including breathing.  Weaning Simon from the ventilator is key in taking further steps forward.  Each day is bringing us just a bit closer to our goal of Simon’s home coming.

Simon has been in the hospital for 40 days.  Can one really imagine nearly six weeks have passed?  Amazing how quickly each day has crept but blazed right by.  In fourty days Simon has experienced life unbeknown to many.  A plastic shell keeps him protected and warm, tubes all around have managed to be pulled out while playing and fabric drapes keep the area dark, allowing Simon time to sleep.  Watch out when the shades are drawn, eyes pop open and Simon begins to watch all that is occuring.

Simon’s due date is also his anticipated release date.  So close, yet so far away.  We have another 72 days to wait, or relatively close to that number.  We don’t have much time, though another 5 weeks away, until I will need to be in Denver, all the time, with Simon.  We planned on transitioning a few weeks ago, but germs and colds kept us home.  We aren’t sure of an exact date we will reattempt that plan, but I know we are hoping it will be soon.

With combined efforts across the ‘net and globe, we hope that our goal will be reached quickly.  Simon’s Auctions is now underway with many items to come.  Keep your eyes peeled!  Everything offered through those auctions are at 50% retail value.  If you are looking for one of those products, now is definitely the time to buy!  Support A Miracle.


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