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As with Simon’s feeding challenges, we’ve settled into a routine of thickening his feedings.  That began prior to discharge home and has changed, but continued since.

To recap:

Simon spent 14 weeks with a feeding tube of some sort.  He’s had Nasojejunal, Nasogastric and Oral-gastric feeding tubes.  When he began nippling, all went well to start and quickly became a challenge as his feeding amount increased.  His reflux was severe enough that he would experience bradicardic episodes while being gavage fed through his NG tube (at the time.)  A barium swallow study was ordered and while they didn’t wait long enough to watch the force or amount of food coming back up, they were able to watch as the liquid was entering the trachea and into his nose.  Thickening was necessary to prevent aspiration.  We began with Simply-Thick and have moved to rice cereal as Simon had intestinal challenges with the Simply-Thick.

Today’s trial:

Getting the Bionix Controlled-Flow feeder together was quite simple following the instructions.  We began with our standard thickness of 3 tsp cereal to 1 oz juice.  This was a bit too thick for Simon even on the highest setting (5), so I opted to make a formula bottle slightly thinner with 2 tsp of cereal to 1 oz.  I began at setting 1 for the slowest flow, slowly increasing until it was obvious that Simon was getting fluids fairly easily.  He did okay for approximately 10 cc’s, but began coughing.  We opted to stop there for today, allowing him a rest and brainstorming opportunities for me.


We will try a few different consistencies of both liquid and milk products to see if we can find one that might work through the feeder.


At this point, I can safely say that this bottle would have been highly beneficial while in the NICU with Simon.  We would have had more control over the quantity he was taking into his mouth in one suck.


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