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I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown.  Rob and Jaden have ventured back to school, leaving a bit more time on my hands to write.  I’ve been busily contributing to Writers Round About as well as creating my own site and I’m working on a few different articles for parenting magazines.

Simon has been fighting a bit of a cold and has been back on oxygen for about a week or so.  I have a feeling that’s how our winter will go; off and on.

All in all, we’ve been a busy bunch.

This afternoon I got the call I’ve been waiting on for a few weeks.  Simon’s glasses were finished!  I headed out just before five to pick them up.

Yes, I took pictures.

Yes, I’ll share!

But not yet…

Simon is definitely not sure what to think of yet another item on his face.  He’s done everything he can to get the glasses off and since he needs to wear them for at least one hour today, we have put socks on his hands until it’s time to take the spectacles off.  The poor bug isn’t sure what to think, but it’s pretty amazing to watch him look at toys in a completely different light.


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