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It’s been a long week between colds, ear infections and Simon back on oxygen.  As our long weekend has progressed, today has become a day devoted to good food and much relaxation.

I put Simon to bed last night on his Tucker Sling.  He’s been sleeping on his back to help with some of the congestion issues, but since they started to clear up a bit last night following a miserable nose bleed, I put him on his stomach.  Throughout the night I woke to check his oxygen saturation levels and was pleased to see that at 1/32 L he was maintaining 95%!  Where his saturation levels sit at night is a good indicator of where he’ll be the next day and if he’ll be able to spend time off oxygen.

This morning he got up, took a bottle and quickly went back to sleep for his morning nap.  When he woke, we put him in his high chair and filled the tray with various foods and let him play and eat all at the same time.  He kept pulling at his oxygen, so I took it off and let him have fun.  I grabbed his pulse ox and checked on him while he was without his cannula and found him sitting between 92 and 95%.

When Simon was ready to come out and play, he seemed to thoroughly enjoy being free to meander around without any limitations.  When he began screaming “NI NI” I made him a bottle and tucked him in – with oxygen.  He doesn’t maintain his saturation levels well enough to go without while sleeping yet, but today was definitely a great day for freedom.

The rest of us are playing.  Jaden is running around with friends outside, Rob is playing music and I’ve been playing with words.  What a fabulous way to round off this Labor Day Weekend!


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I never thought we’d see this day for a long time to come.

It started last night.  I put Simon to bed and as he began to drift off to sleep, I put on his pulse oximeter.  On 1/8 L, he had an oxygen saturation of 97%.  I dropped him down to 1/16 L and waited.  After twenty minutes, Simon was still around 96%.  Again, I dropped him, this time to 1/32L.

Twenty minutes passed and Simon was still in the mid-90’s, fluctuating between 94 and 95%.  By morning he was maintaining well and as he took a short nap this morning, I checked his saturations again:  94%.

As of this moment in time, Simon is running around WITHOUT oxygen!  I know that he’ll be back on it shortly, but for now, he’s free.  Free from hoses, limitations in distance and free from pastic irritating the inside of his nose.

I can’t express how amazing it is watching Simon go without added support, even if temporarily!

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