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Last week, Simon had a bit of a runny nose.  By all other accounts, he was doing relatively well and seemed quite healthy.  Tuesday night, we went to Nana and Papa’s house and after we got home, something just wasn’t right.  Simon’s oxygen requirements went up considerably.  I made the call to the pediatricians office and after receiving a call back from The Children’s Hospital in Colorado, a trip to the emergency room was necessary.

We stopped in briefly at our local emergency room.  I carried Simon in with no intentions of admitting him there.  I asked for a nurse to check him over and ensure that he was stable for transport to a hospital 45 minutes away.  The charge nurse stood with me and watched his colors, breathing and pulse-oximeter.  The charge nurse saw no imminent concerns and out the door we went.

I came home and picked up Rob and Jaden.  We had reached the early morning hours of Wednesday by this point.  Once everyone was loaded, we made the drive to Poudre Valley Hospital in Ft. Collins, CO.

We didn’t wait to be escorted into the emergency department.  The nurses took vitals and the doctor quickly came to order an RSV swab and chest x-rays after listening to his lungs.  As we waited for the radiology department to whisk us away, a respiratory therapist came down and set Simon up with a nebulizer treatment.  About the time Simon’s RSV test came back negative, we were wheeled into radiology for our x-rays.

I was quite impressed that the technicians were able to arrange Simon on my lap for his films.  They did an amazing job taking his emotional needs into consideration.  After we were finished, we went back to our room in the emergency department.  It didn’t take long before the doctor was back with a diagnosis of Bronchiolitis.  He prescribed an antibiotic and requested we follow up with Simon’s pediatrician in the next couple of days.

Friday we saw Dr. Leland.  He was quite concerned that Simon was still raging a fever and wasn’t sounding well.  He ordered more x-rays and another nebulizer treatment.  After the films were developed, Simon’s diagnosis was changed to Pneumonia.  Dr. Leland said that Simon’s pneumonia was “fully infused in the right lung.”  I was sure that Simon would be admitted into the hospital at that time.  Dr. Leland mulled over his options and said, “Any other parent, any other child and I wouldn’t hesitate to admit him.”  Instead, we were given orders for a home nebulizer, prescriptions for Albuterol, Pulmacort, Prednisone and Augmenten.  All together, that rounded Simon’s medications to eight.

Simon and I left the office with the understanding that should he worsen at all, I would bring him to the hospital to be admitted.  Saturday, we had an issue with his pulse oximeter that took us into the emergency room for five grueling hours.  He, however, was discharged.

This morning we saw Dr. Leland again.  Dr. Leland worried all weekend about his decision to send Simon home instead of admitting him into the hospital.  He was pleasantly greeted by Simon and I playing and Simon smiling.  He assessed Simon and feels it will be a long road to a full recovery, but knows that he made the right choice in allowing this Mom care for Simon instead of a random nurse in the hospital.

The approach is aggressive.  Two steroids, two antibiotics and nebulizer treatments round the clock.  So far the lack of sleep is paying off.  This evening, Simon is back to moving around, crawling (or his version thereof) and many smiles and laughs.  He has even assisted in administering albuterol nebulizer treatments himself!

Next week, Simon will be ONE!


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