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Yesterday was a good day for Simon in that Megan came out to visit and brainstorm. While he didn’t eat, we did discuss all the ups and downs, activities tried and worked on finding additional items and activities to try.

Things we’ve tried:

  • Feeding in his chair
  • Feeding in his bed
  • Feeding in our laps
  • Feeding in our arms
  • Multiple bottles and nipple flows
  • Spoon feeding
  • As soon as he wakes
  • As soon as he shows signs of tiredness
  • Various thickness to his formula
  • Juices
  • Water – with and without sweetening
  • Less food, more often

What we are going to try:

The ultimate goal is to get Simon eating more and find something that will work well for his current needs.  He had a great deal of fun playing with the solid food holder this morning and did get it into his mouth.  He didn’t appear impressed with the texture of the mesh, but we’ll continue trying.

It’s quite stressful when Simon won’t eat.  While we don’t want his entire life to be about eating, we don’t want him malnourished either.  Finding a balance is quite the conundrum.  We reach out to all of you who’ve followed Simon, stumbled upon this blog and have similar experiences for suggestions.  If you’ve tried a product that worked, please pass it along.


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